What Others Are Saying

“Dude, I loved it…had a crisp Irish style to it, at 3:30 or so that jazz syncopation was cool as shyt. The end fit completely and although he added the whole shabang of instruments & the snare it was not overdone at all. Very nice piece..!”
- Rich

“fanfuckintastic!!! It’s funny because I recently downloaded close to the edge and really love siberian khatru. tim is smokin!!! especially at the end. love it!! he even had the steve howe hair style going as well lol!!”
- Cos

“I like it…You’re like Howe playing in front of an orchestra…”
- Kirt

“I love the CD dude – congratulations I cannot believe how much work you have done. It is beautiful you should be very proud I am glad to know you I feel very blessed to be a small part of what you have done- its awesome”
-  E

“Beautiful, you are blessed!”
- Sue

“Hey Tim I listened to your piece and enjoyed it, I don’t think I could have come up with better percussion, it sounds really good and adds a lot of sparkle and color to the music…looking forward to hearing more. I’ll be back home later this summer and we can catch up. Until then keep recording!”
- Brent

“Way Cool!!! I love that orchestrated version even better!”
- Chris

“Thanking Him again for blessing me with you, that He put you in my path. You are such a God send!”
- Jacquline

“Outstanding. I wish I could have seen your band!”
- Dave

“That is a beautiful piece of work dude. Totally transformed my mood. Nice work!”
- Rick

“All I can is WOW!!!!! Who is this dude? This music is amazing.Who is doing the guitar work? It sounds like a virtuoso level guitarist.The strings are gorgeous, all of it is good, very good.
Thanks for sharing this great song. Seriously, you guys have skills.”
- Will


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