The Musicians

” Internet shy ”

“E”  Eric Klunder the chunk guitar man. Eric has encouraged me and supported

my efforts over the last 7 years. We spend much time in “E studios”.

He loves everything I compose, maybe he should be my manager.

I cant say enought about this dude.           Your Awesome E!!!!!

Mr. Brent Marquez  what a drummer… Brent played all the drums on Call II War.

He has performed with The Glen Miller Band world wide and is always on tour.

Im glad we can catch up with him for recording sessions when he’s in town.

Joe Markko added a great vocal touch on Serenity soon to be released.

Joe was a cofounder of  All Saved Freak Band. Thanks Joe&Barb

Jacqueline Atkinson vocals are recorded on Moment of Conception then she disappered…

Where is ya?


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