Thanks for visiting my web site and let me introduce myself. My name is Tim Ambrose.

I became very fascinated with music, specifically guitar at the age of eleven. I was going through an upstairs closet when I discovered a Sears acoustic guitar and a beginner’s music book. I immediately began to teach myself. After weeks of persistent practice, my parents thought, this child really wants to play, so they sent me to the corner music store for lessons.

In 1977-79 I spent some time studying jazz, but I was more interested in classical and finger picking styles. I attended the Cleveland Institute of Music during the winter of 1980-81.

Like most young guitarist in the seventies, I was influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Steve Howe, David Gilmour, Steve Hackett and many others. In the eighties I played in a few cover bands but most of my time was spent composing.

I spent huge amounts of energy rehearsing parts and ideas with whatever players were around me at the time. Thank God I had tape decks to record and document this material, as there was no way I could remember all of it. This music is the result of those ideas.

In 1994 through 1996 I performed in a YES tribute band. We played various venues and the crowd size varied from 40 or 50 to a thousand or more. It was definitely rewarding to hear the comments and compliments of people that came to the shows. The disappointments were there also. The band was mismanaged and it didn’t take off as it should have.

Failing to get a cohesive group of musicians together drove me to set aside the guitar from 1999 to 2006. I only picked it up to rip for an hour here and there. It was a good thing and a bad thing, life is strange.

In 2006 I met my friend Eric, who invited me to his house to play. He couldn’t believe how well versed a guitarist I was and he encouraged me to start recording and lent me a variety of equipment that allowed me to take the steps to again pursue my forgotten dreams. Here we are 2012 with a website a CD and much more on the way.

To Eric and Gwynn for encouraging me, cheers!!!! May my music open your hearts to much creativity. Thanks to everyone for your support.

God Bless.

Notes about the Yes tribute band / recordings  at  Sound Cloud

As I had done in the past and continued to do later in life was to expect things to remain the same. I was never worried about certain recordings even if they were the bomb. I spent countless hours with groups of musicians thinking the projects would never end and I would get better takes ((( LATER… )))) in this case performing Yes music. We had worked in,two or three drummers to start and few more over the two plus years I was involved as the guitarist. We also auditioned many other players. After a year plus in the basement we took the act out to rave reviews. Short lived the bassist took a job out of state and the drummer left. So once again back in the basement grooming another drummer then a new bassist. The project was on its way to play out once again but I had grown tired of the music, the bickering, nitpicking and lack of pay. A wife and children at home without dad, sacrifice has to be offset with reward , to just play this music wasn’t enough for me. I badly wanted this to be a stepping stone for agents and musicians to see me perform Steve Howe and help me graduate to the next level, which is writing and performing original material. I left the band but not without regrets I would have loved to see the project really fly, get paid well, just as other tribute acts and as I had wanted to say early on in my babbling, I wish I had some of the better recordings or more magical rehearsals/performances but this is what I have to offer most of the recordings are fare at best but they document the hard work we all did in the mid 90’s. To the ex-band mates GOD Bless. To the hearers of this music enjoy. Click & Enter My Sound Cloud Page.
Love, Peace, Tim Ambrose